Sunday, November 21, 2010

 Don't let the otter freak you out

It's new and different.

 He picked red and it made me smile. I love red too.

We've done feeding tubes,

and a ventilator,

had a huge oxygen tank in our living room for 5 months,

an apnea monitor,


ankle braces,

a walker,

wheel chair,

and a shunt.

But a hearing aid is definitely new.

The first thing we noticed was immediate eye contact. It's not like he didn't make eye contact before, but it would take quite a while for him to focus. Right when the hearing aid was placed into his left ear and he was spoken to - boom -  his eyes were on hers. The audiologist was in love with him. She noticed the change right away too. He got that big trademark grin and said, "hi!". Then he proceeded to say hi in several different tones and volumes, giggling after each one.

We are seeing good things. Very good things.

And really, I didn't quite have enough stuff to keep track of - so yeah, now we have all of this. *wink*

 AND - of course it all came with a stuffed otter - complete with his own set of hearing aids.

Of course it did - 


BARBIE said...

So thankful for the wonderful good things happening in K's life!

arlona said...

So glad that they help. God is so good. See you tomorrow afternoon. Hope Kai is feeling better. Love, Mom

Katarina said...

That is SO exciting that it made such an immediate difference for him! Thankful to our God who cares so very much about all the *things* in our lives. And that otter, priceless!

une autre mère said...

I'm so glad this is making a noticeable difference for him! Yay for K! :) said...

how amazing--to suddenly experience the world so much more vividly. really happy for you guys and your little guy. you are so good to him. red looks really good on him. :)

Rachel said...

How could the audiologist NOT be in love with that sweet boy of yours?!? :) I am glad he is hearing better and I can't wait to hear about eveything you've learned!

Anonymous said...

This made me cry! So happy for him. He's such a sweetheart!
Cheri Carlson

BaronessBlack said...

That's so great!
But, why an otter?!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

The otter is ...random? But YAY for K!! I'm sooo glad (for you and him) that he can hear better!

Megan said...

Your little man, your precious little man, NEVER ceases to pull at my heart stings! (I love Red too K!!) He truly is a miracle, amd I love to hear ALL of his accomplishements! <3 God has big plans with this one! :)

Way to GO K!! (((High Fives!!)))

Nikki said...

So awesome :-)