Tuesday, September 7, 2010

 I'm adjusting....

We had a great summer together.

They are ready for structure.

I am really ready for structure. 

They are in an amazing school that we have been very happy with.

The educators that God is using to help teach our kids are really wonderful.

We are blessed.

BUT it doesn't mean I didn't gulp really hard and take several deep breaths this morning as I walked out of the kindergarten class.

I'm excited.

They are very excited.

New lunchboxes with special treats, pencil boxes, show and tell... good stuff.

I'm blessed.

But, you know... I'm a mommy who just dropped off a kindergartner.

I swear that his whole life - from screaming baby, to strong willed fits leaving us speechless, to asking Jesus into his heart, to inquisitive 5 year old flashed in front of my eyes during the 15 minute drive to school.

I fought it and tried to think of anything else that I could conjure up.

But this is just how it is.

I am a mommy who just dropped off a kindergartner. 

Excuse me while I go breathe in the scent of his dear blanket.


Sara said...

Oh girl I HEAR you! My day is coming Thursday!!!! I got choked up last week when we went in to meet the teacher...the whole way in he was near me, touching me, hesitant. Then once we were in his room and the teacher said Hi he was off. I felt SO abandoned. I'm not kidding, What will I do when it's college or *gasp* a girlfriend!?!?! No no no I WILL not go there. Kindergarten is only half day right? I can handle that!

Penny said...

Sniff...too sweet. I hope he enjoyed his first day!!!

une autre mère said...

I hear ya! I totally feel your pain. We're 3 weeks in and I still can barely stand to let her walk to her class by herself! :( I sooo wish it were only half days!

~beautyandjoy~ said...

Oh man, when I dropped off Kezi I cried! It's so meaningful and such a milestone. The teacher only made it worse by sending us home that morning with a tea bag and chocolate and instructions to be kind to ourselves in such a big transition. So sweet! But I hope you do have a moment to be kind to yourself, too! :)

BARBIE said...

I remember those days. I never cried, but remember feeling agitated and sad all day those days. I am sure he is going to love it. It's hard to let go, especially of one so young. Hugs!

Louisiana Tara said...

Aww, my day will be next year. I'll probably carry her blanket around for a week!

Hugs to you, Mama!!!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Um...our sweet girl is a 2nd grader now and I'm still sniffing blankets and crying. It's what moms do. Draws us closer to Jesus as we have to trust Him to take care of our sweeties! Take all the moments and time you need!

Rachel said...

I can only imagine what a change this will be for you to be at home with only 2 sweet boys...I am going to be a mess when Matthew goes to school I think! Praying for you as you transition to this new normal :)

Stacey said...

I was running late on Casey's first day of preschool!! Thought I'd be a puddle but running late doesn't leave much time for thought so we made it and he loves it!! Sorta sad really! My baby all grown up!