Saturday, September 18, 2010

 If you saw us in the store you would probably stop us and cuddle his toes too

When God created you he did some really neat work.

What a dynamic little package of strong willed-pure sweetness. And that about sums you up. Do you have opinions? Most definitely! Could you be much sweeter? I could hardly imagine it.

So young, and yet bursting with personality!

Today you and I had some one on one time doing our grocery shopping. I lost count of how many people stopped us to look at you, touch your little feet (bare toes apparently just beg to be cuddled - and I haven't been able to keep socks on you since you were a very tiny newborn - you have sock kicking skills), tell me how handsome you were, and a few even informed me that you were very smart.

Your mama just beamed and agreed. Why thank you, I do think you may be right.

We had a really good time.

I don't ever, ever want to forget you at 11 months.

Your hair is so feathery soft. And you let me pet it and breathe it in and rub my cheek against it whenever I want to. That makes my day. I think you know that.

Your crawl is lightening fast.

You are in to e.ver.y.thing.

Your laugh makes us laugh - all the time! It is so high pitched and hilarious.

You say "ball" and "mama".

You sign "ball", "No", "More", "Please", and "milk". Jay is learning about signing in kindergarten, so he loves to come home and teach you what he learns. The funny thing is that the sign for "milk" tends to look alot like the way many people wave "hello" and "bye-bye". Hand goes open and closed, open and closed. So, now when people wave at you - you think they are going to nurse you. Um... no.

I have convinced you that nursing is still good, but you have cut way back. - Cut back during the day anyway. We don't have to tell everyone in blogworld about the nights.

You still think you are way bigger/older than you really are.

You think shaking your head no is the funniest thing in the world.

Food is so very exciting to you - and yet you are such a skinny little thang! -You even crawled right out of your jeans yesterday because I had gotten out the 12 month ones. Back into 9 month size for now.

Forever and ever - you are my sweetness. The completeness you bring to our family is so special and comforting. Life with out you in it seems like such a distant and vague memory.


Katarina said...

He is too sweet for words! What a cutie, those pictures are beautiful of him!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

OH he is sweet! Yes, savor every minute--especially those moments of sweet smelling soft-haired baby-ness! I tried to have one of those moments with one of our boys today...and all I got was a big whiff of sweat-head! AH! When did this sweat-thing happen to my sweet boy! :)

une autre mère said...

Aw, that is so sweet! And yes, I probably would've tickled those cute little toes too!

Alyssa said...

my favorite part of this post (although you know i loved it ALL because i'm crazy about this little man) was "the completeness you bring to our family is so special and comforting." i could not imagine your family any differently, and it's true - he completed you. you are one WHOLE unit: busy, crazy, special, and BEAUTIFUL. each member VITAL to the experience. =)

Rach@In His Hands said...

Sweet and special. Loved this.

So does this mean I get to grab those cute little toes when I see him this week?!? :-)

Jenn said...

So Sweet and the story board is great!

Megan said...

Oh eleven months! What a blessed age!! I love it, and your little man is going to break many many hearts with his stunning good looks! :)
Lots of love to you and yours Wendi,

Nikki said...

How sweet! I'd certainly cuddle his toes--he looks like an absolutely deliciously snuggly little fella!

Sarah M. said...

baby piggies are the best!

Angela Nazworth said...

Precious!! I can almost smell his fading babyness. So sweet

Izzy said... sweeeeeeet!! Im in love with him already! Great collage!