Tuesday, August 3, 2010

 Let's make it 9...


Aaannndd we may as well make it 10... but I hope not.

Here's the deal: We are home and surgery went well. It was just a little bit more involved than we thought it would be. While working on K's left ear the doctor found gobs of infection (oohhh nice mental picture. For some reason the word "gobs" and "infection" together just make it that much more gross. Which is what I think of infection; gross, - so *perfect* word combo, huh?) AND a "skin cyst" in addition to all of the wax that they already knew was compounded in there. Poor baby! No wonder he had a hard time hearing in that ear. I don't understand all of the aspects of/reasons for the cyst - but it is apparently a small cyst caused by (and I quote) "bad genetics". Why thank you sir, those would be mine. I guess the many, many ear infections that K has had mixed with those "bad genes" has manifested into this cyst inside of his ear. The doctor was not very pleased with this finding. He was able to get the tube in despite the cyst and he is "keeping his fingers crossed" (Oh, now that gives me so much comfort dear sir. You just keep those fingers crossed!) that this will help alleviate the problems K has been having. If the problems persist, than in a few months another surgery will be needed.

We go back to assess the situation in 4 weeks.

The good news: K is doing fab.u.lous!! He was a little bit disoriented and in pain when he awoke from the anesthesia, but he perked right up after about 20 minutes. I can imagine that just having all of that fluid drained out from behind his ears and all of the wax cleaned out has really eased alot of pressure for him. Of course Tylenol with codeine may have something to do with how mellow and happy he is right now. -Whatever, I'll take it. I'm being very vigilant about pain control for him right now, because there was alot more poking and prodding than originally thought and the doctor let us know that the pain level could be higher due to that.

Thanks for your prayers - they mean more than you know!

-On my way out the door with K. And when I return I will change the caption under his picture in my right sidebar from "has had 8 surgeries" to "has had 9 surgeries". Today it is very minor, but we would still greatly appreciate prayer. He is having tubes placed in his ears (for the third time) to drain fluid that continually puts pressure behind his ears and doesn't drain properly. He is also going to get his left ear cleaned out as it seems to have accumulated alot of wax. He failed his hearing test on the left side and we are greatly hoping that this is the reason why. In two months he will get retested.

Today is not brain surgery. He has had three of those as well. So today I will enjoy the time I get to spend alone with him, I will pray while I wait, and I will thank God that today it is his ears, not his brain.

He's a brave, brave boy.

Oh - and guess who is standing? And who got haircut #2, which seemed to completely transform his looks - can't believe how much he looks like Noe now!!!

Love these guys...


Anne Elizabeth said...

I am praying for K!

Katarina said...

Kai is adorable. Praying for K and you today.

Rachel said...

Praying for K and for you today!

Seriously, those thighs are so great, I just want to reach out and squish them!!!!

Kristy said...

Praying for you and K today!! Oh and WOW... those are some thighs!! Love em!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Aww K, you are such a tough, special little man. Praying for you!

I'm with you, Wendi, on how haircuts transform. I held off on the latest one for Si for months. He finally had it last week and I'm still getting used to it {even though he's adorable as ever}! Kai is just yummy.

Heather of the EO said...

I'm so glad it went well!

I'll "keep my fingers crossed" that good ear health continues ;)