Thursday, July 1, 2010

 What plan? Did I have a plan?

Things rarely go as planned. And there is nothing like motherhood to highlight that fact of life.

At 10:30 last night I was sitting in the back of my mini van, in a booster seat no less, talking to my 3 year old about water parks, kitty cats, and french fries when it really began to sink in. There is no way you can survive motherhood with out an insane amount of flexibility and adaptability. Rolling with the punches isn't just a good idea. It's necessity.

Tomorrow we are leaving for Iowa. We will be gone for 9 days. This needs to be the only thing going on right now. There is no room in our budget or schedule or mental psyche for anything else to go on.

Do you think if I type that a few times it would make a difference?

Okay, never mind.

The hot water heater leaking, and ultimately dying on us, last week was not in the plan. Adapting our budget to buy a brand new one - you guessed it - really not in the plan. The ear infection plaguing my one day post surgical K this week was not in the plan. The referral to an ENT - and talk of planning the next surgery - not my plan. I didn't think much of Noe almost losing his voice a couple of days ago, but the constant runny nose started to make me wonder. Not in the plan. As I was getting him ready for bed last night, and looking very forward to my own, I observed that every time he talked, he cried. He said his throat felt funny.

I helped him into his jammies and found his crocs. Because of our impending trip I knew I had to get him in to be seen by a doctor as soon as possible. The after hours clinic employees likely know us by name. I decided to nurse Kai one last time and get him settled in his bed. I went to change his diaper and lo and behold 3/4 of his body was covered in a rash.

Plan? What plan? Did some one have a plan?

So this is how I found myself in a booster seat in my mini van in the McDonald's parking lot soothing a sore throat with a strawberry shake and willing the minutes away until the pharmacy would have the two prescriptions ready. Strep and the beginning stages of bronchitis for Noe and strep, showing up as a rash (scarlet fever), for sweet baby Kai

From the time of drop off until our prescriptions were ready we waited exactly 1 hour. Noe and I giggled about silly songs on the radio and looked at all of the pretty lights in the city. Super over tired baby played peak-a-boo with us from his seat in front of us.

And plan B was frustrating, and really tiring, but ended up being surprisingly sweet in the midst of all of that.


{Jodie} said...

I have this quote that I found and slipped it into the plastic part of my planner/binder so that I can see it all the time... because that's how I often I need to be reminded. All. the. time.

It says this: "You know, life happens and it is a gift - not something sent just to mess up our schedules." For me, it's not so much a "schedule" I'm concerned about... it's more of a reminder that it's not sent to make my life more miserable with interruption and inconvenience.

That's the first thing I thought of when I read this. And also, yes, I wholeheartedly agree... without flexibility, mothering can be some miserable!

Anne Elizabeth said...

Oh girl I am praying for you and your kids! We've had a rough week and a half here with the flu so I feel your pain. I hope you are still able to go on your trip and the your kiddos recover quickly!

Dawna said...

Oh, you sweet girl. I hope there is much more sweetness than burden for you this week, and I am praying that God will surprise you by exceeding your needs and showering you with blessings. Love you so much, friend and always praying for your precious family.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Oh, no fun! Life with kids is for sure unpredictable, unplannable, sometimes frustrating...but usually sweet. Praying for you! Hope you enjoy your time in Iowa!

Melody said...

Ugh! Poor little guys. Hope they are on the mend very quickly and that you have a wonderful trip!

Katarina said...

Praying that the trip goes smoothly and that the medicine helps the kids feel tons better! Enjoy your trip!! We leave Wed to visit my family (soo excited!)

~beautyandjoy~ said...

Oh beautiful lady - it's not fair. Sending you love and prayers for more sweetness and grace!!

Barbie said...

Oh so not fun! Life with children is the most unpredictable. I am praying for you and them today! Much strength and grace!

Rachel said...

What an insane couple of days you have had! I am so sorry your boys are sick :( I hope they are all better SOON!!!!!

And I hope that somehow you get to go on your trip and enjoy it :) :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Oh, I hope good 'ole Iowa can brighten things! I can totally empathize with the strep--praying all your sweet boys will feel better and be able to enjoy the trip!

Stacey said...

You just roll with it all so well!! We started our vacation on antibiotics as well and everything ended beautifully!!!