Tuesday, June 1, 2010

 Do you know what I think?

I think that long weekends, which start with kiddos and hubby coming home at 10:30 on a Friday morning and end at bedtime on a Monday night, may be one of my favorite things ever.

I think that little boys with sticky faces from smore's may be one of the silliest and sweetest sights ever.
{I think that s'mores is a word and will choose to ignore the squiggly red line under it}

I think that when there are tragedies all around me Jesus takes my face in his hands and turns my eyes upon Him in a way that changes me for the better. I can not even begin to tell you all of the deeply troubling news I have heard in just a short 2 week time span. So much sad.

I think that watching a little one {who has been crawling backward for two months but just could not get forward motion} finally realize that he can pull himself forward all over the house is stinkin' hilarious! I would call his crawl the 'spazy army crawl'. The entertainment level is really great. He is so excited that he just kinda cruises in this unbounded flurry of energy. Good, good stuff.

I think that summer time is definitely good.

I think that I am married to a man who makes my life quite beautiful. I love finding out new things about him and loving him deeper all the time.

I think that I am {finally} getting more energy. So much so that my mind is imagining all of the many many ways that I can delve into spring cleaning. So much needs done. I will not even get half of it completed - but I know I will make some progress this month.

I think that it is funny to feel "nesty" without the pregnancy.
{I think that spell check needs to leave me alone! I do not mean "nasty" I intentionaly typed "nesty". So go away! And take your little squiggly red line with you!}

I think that being organized is my happy place.

I think that Noe at age three is going to nullify my previous stance that three is not an agreeable age whatsoever.

I think that NeedToBreathe is one of my favorite bands at the moment. And Tenth Avenue North. And Sanctus Real.

I think that baby Kai is looking more and more like my baby pictures.

I think that the antique coffee grinder we discovered in our basement could likely be the coolest gadget we will ever find

I think that I am going to enjoy some of that freshly ground/brewed coffee right now while I giggle and watch a little 7 month old propel himself around my house.

And I think that today is going to be a really nice day.


Amy@My Front Porch said...

I think...that you are right about all of the above :) Except that little girls with sticky s'more faces are just about as cute as little boys with sticy s'more faces ;)

Amanda said...

...and i think this might just be the sweetest post ever. ...and i think i am hoping and praying that 3 with kate won't be harder than 2 was with kate!

Katarina said...

Yay for really nice days! Enjoy every minute of it.

Lindsay said...

I think the world is a better place with friends in blog world like you!

Have a BEAUTIFUL week!

Heather of the EO said...

I hate that squiggly line too. I like my made up words! :)

And I love these summer things too, so much.

The forward crawl! Kudos, little guy :)

une autre mère said...

I think that Kai does look a lot like his mommy! Lucky boy! :) I love the phrase "spazy arm crawl." Can I steal it? That's exactly how Tate was crawling last week when he too realized he could go forward. :) I love it!

Oh, and great post! Very sweet.