Monday, May 3, 2010

 The Mommy dance part 2... Updates, typos, and computer glitches

 Only a few hours after I wrote the post about how grown our Jay was becoming, he made a decision that will change the course of his life forever.

Jay approached Dave and asked if he would show him how to ask Jesus into his heart. I can not even begin to tell you the awe that Dave and I are feeling as we celebrate this decision.

Through out the past few years, as Jay has been growing and learning, we have talked to him much about our choices, who we serve with our lives, and what motivates alot of our actions. We have tried to be thorough in our explanations. As much as we have greatly desired that he would love Jesus as we do, we never wanted him to feel forced into a decision. It was highly important to us that the decision be his and his alone.

It has been amazing to watch him begin to truly grasp truth and make it his own. I love how little children have such simple and deep faith.

When he initiated praying with Dave his desire was clear and his understanding was wonderful to see.

There will certainly be times of testing that faith and his understanding must be built upon, but really, isn't that true for all of us?

There's nothing like it. Just nothing like knowing that your child will spend eternity with you. It has been the prayer of our hearts from the time he was in the womb.


In addition - let me add that I tend to type very, very fast. This is, in fact, NOT a good thing. It is not a skill, but a weakness. :) it causes many an error in my writings as my fingers go crazy over the keyboard. My brain goes on fast forward when I am getting my thoughts out.. and that has proven to be slightly disastrous at times.

Case in point: Yes, I did call my child inelegant ( meaning awkward, gawky, and rough) when I, indeed, meant intelligent (meaning clever, astute, and smart) in my previous post. I frequently find these types of errors as I browse my archives - sometimes I laugh, sometimes my face gets red.

Also, my laptop has been acting a little bit odd lately. A few of my comments on my previous post made mention of the pictures (plural) that I posted in it. I had tried to post the picture of Jay on the tire swing many times, but it wasn't showing up. I finally got it to work. I was a little bit confused by the plural mention of pictures until I logged on to our desktop computer and saw that the picture had posted 3 times. It is still only on there once when I view it on my laptop. Hello?! Strange lap top picture stealer, stop messing with me! Also when I go to some blogs on my laptop, the header has completely disappeared. Gone into nothingness.

Any tech savvy computer people out there know what is going on? 'Cause it is kind of weirding me out and I don't want to continue publishing multiple pictures on my posts. Although - now that I am viewing all three tire swing pictures, they are different sizes and the the two on the top don't have the rounded corners, so it could maybe kind of look like I planned it that way. Maybe I even planned to type "inelegant". Yep, that's my awkward boy! So proud of him.


Anne Elizabeth said...

That is so exciting!!!!

Katarina said...

Praising God for Jay and his decision, that is so exciting!!

Lucas and Ang said...

I thought you meant to do that with the 3 pictures! looks kind of artsy!

Amber said...

PTL! Amazing!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Yay for Jay!!! Praise the Lord!!