Thursday, March 11, 2010

 This and This and This {I am astonished by the creative post titles that are flowing out of my brilliant mind!}

Some times my blog, which started as a means to post pictures and updates for my out of state family and friends, begins to have a more "article-esque" feel than an "update on my life" feel. I like variety, I like having it be a personal extension of myself and allowing it to evolve and diversify as my life does. Some times a thought or idea hits me and I must just sit and write it out. Whether it really belongs on my public blog or not is still rather questionable in my mind, but my finger pretty much always does push that "publish" button. *Grin* If some time passes between "update" posts, I usually get a request or two from family members to get going on bringing them up to date on the newest happenings and post pictures of all that is current in our family. It is flattering to know they care - so this one is dedicated to my dear family. Really - I couldn't let another day go by with out posting because he is now doing this -
*swoon* {This little miniature man's sweetness is too much sometimes!}
And last week I did this -
Loving that I can do my hair in 4 minutes flat now!!! I don't have to blow dry or anything! Gel and a little "flipping" with the flat iron and I am good to go. PERFECT for this busy mama! And now that our bedroom project is done we can move on to the big boy room - and we are doing this - Of course I was so loving what we had done that I wasn't thinking about the implications of the sign I put up. Once I realized it I did this - What?! You think that astounded look was staged? Pfshhh.. you should've been there! I was shocked. -Guess they will have to be putting their own clothes away and making their own beds now. I can't go in there... Getting towed is SOOO embarrassing.


Lindsay said...

LOVE this!! Sweet Kai sitting up ... your awesome hair ... and that cute room!!

Happy Thursday! You're loved!

une autre mère said...

*Aw, I love that sweet little smile on Kai's face!
*Your haircut - TO DIE FOR!! Makes me rethink growing mine out for hubby...
*And good job on the room! Hope the tow-fee isn't too hefty.

Aminta said...

Oh for sure! The most emmbarrassing thing for us girls! HeHe! Guess you are really doomed. ;)
It is true that we had an amazing weekend. Full of fun and laughter and tears. But we did VERY MUCH miss you amongst several others.
Loving both yours and the boys bedrooms! LOVELY and FUN(NY).
Love you!!

Katarina said...

That room is B.O.Y and I love(!) it. Kai ia adorable and your hair cut, love it too!

Amanda said...

wendi...i love you. i do. really! sweet friend, when are we going to get together...seriously!

Karen said...

ooooooo...dying over your lil piece of squishy preciousness!! he is a DOLL!! can't believe he's getting so big so fast:)
seriously..your hair is way too cute! i want the cut;)
and digging the boys room..especially the part about all others being towed..heehee