Monday, March 22, 2010

 Against her better judgement, she wrote a blog post while in a fog of fatigue

My house is much quieter than it was last week.
I miss them.
It was so nice to have a house full.
I particularly enjoyed the adult company during the day.

Suddenly I am becoming obsessed with web design.
It's a big laugh if you know how small my knowledge of such things is.
And yet, I am determined.
By trial and error I am messing with html codes of blog design and pretending that I know what I am doing. Fortunately I was wise enough to start a test blog to mess with.
If I would have started messing with this one it would likely be deleted by now and I would be crying...

Baby Kai {probably} had RSV last week.
He tested negative for it, but our doctor said everything about him was screaming {and wheezing, and coughing, and choking} RSV.
He is much improved, but we are dealing with some bad habits which were started when he was at his worst. Most notably - waking up every couple of hours at night.
And not going back to sleep easily.
I am very much wandering around in a fog today.

K had another short seizure this morning.
Or migraine.
Or something else altogether that nobody can identify.
We still have no conclusive answers when it comes to him.
I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that it may always be so.

I'm tired.
Oh - and I think I already said that.

I really, really, really love my husband.
He is incredibly patient with me.

My sister left her "30 day shred" DVD here for me to try.
Why am I scared?
Maybe because I've read alot of "Jillian why are you trying to kill me?" facebook status's regarding this very workout...
She also left her black trench coat, which I, naturally, am wearing daily (yes, I will be sending it in the mail soon Trish).

Right now I am listening to Jay tell Noe that what he just said was "InPropriate". They are a hoot together. And quite InProriate sometimes.

Yesterday I finished my laundry.
Yes, all of it. 
It was so weird I hardly knew what to do with myself.
But that only lasted until I looked at the floor and saw all the dirt.

I haven't taken any pictures since last Wednesday.
Very odd for me.
I must go get inspired behind my lens again.

Yes, this is a day I probably should not be posting.
Typing while in a fog usually results in a post of nonsense ramblings.
Or drivel - which is a pretty fun word to say.


Mama Belle said...

I guess you are tired. What a week.

I often do the same thing with my blog design and on one occasion deleted my whole layout. Genius. I wan to change some things on mine too, but get overwhelmed with the possibility of it.

Thanks for reminding me that I was going to start the Shred again today. I'll get to it right after I finish this piece of pie.

Get some rest.

Katarina said...

lol, the little bits of randomness totally made my afternoon! here's hoping you can break little kai's habit's quickly and the fog will leave.

Stacey said...

30 day shred is scary!! I am attempting a 5k run and that is scary!! Wow!! Do it and post about it and we will all support you!!!

So another new blog, huh? You carve out such cool time to do things!

I haven't taken many pics lately either. Need to start getting inspired!!

Go Wendi!

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

I need to get back to the shred as well.....bah.
You're hilarious all scatter brained :P

Barbie said...

Permission given to post your random thoughts. Sometimes we need to get what's in our brain out. I don't mind at all! Blessings!

Leslie said...

oh the shred.. I tried. I should try again.


love randomness... you know that!

and rsv.. boo
and seizures/migraines
and pure exhaustion.. boo..

and happy silly kids... hip hip horray..

like this post.. a lot.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I like random posts :) They're my favorite :) Hope you get some rest!

Nikki said...

Hi Wendi! So fun to get to know you--and your random thoughts really made my day!