Thursday, July 23, 2009

 He's in for some changes...

Dear Baby boy, You have no idea how different life out side of the womb will be. Right now you are comfortable. You may be getting a little bit cramped in there, but for the most part I'm thinking it is pretty cozy. Your every need is being taken care of. But soon... Oh baby! I would love to somehow shield you from the overly excited barrage of brothers that will immediately be a part of your life. - And of course I will protect you to some extent. But that's just it - it will be a part of your life. So, I may as well just let some of it happen. You already hear the clamor and commotion which fills your home. I'm hoping some how it has begun to prepare you for the craziness. They love you and are looking very forward to meeting you. But it is that very excitement that I think could be a bit overwhelming to you my dear. Just know - and remember - they really love you. Noe looks forward to kissing you. And you must get the significance of this: He has even mentioned sharing his blankie with you. I'm guessing that story could change once you are actually here in our arms...but you never know. He loves to cuddle - but you may interpret his "cuddling" as "smothering". Don't worry, I'll keep a close eye on our former baby. Jay looks forward to pushing you high in your little swing. He wants to give you underdogs. Yeah, just brace yourself when you are by that one. He's a sweet and loving boy, but he's just a bit...intense. K will be gentle with you. He will smile and lovingly accept that you are a significant part of his life. But my guess is that most of the time you will be ignored by him. If you could some how play DVD's or be a computer game partner - you'd be his new best bud. So, we really look forward to you joining the chaos that is our life. But just be prepared baby. It takes some courage. Lovingly, and with a growing anticipation for your arrival, Mommy


Sara@i.Sass said...

These last couple months I thought about what it would be like to add to our family, how would Nina and Nick take it.
This was a touching look into your family and how exciting to get a glimpse at that.
I love that Noe wants to share his blanket...What a sweet big brother.
Looking forward with you to meeting your new little guy!

Beth in NC said...

This is so sweet!

Many blessings!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

Sweet post!

I didn't realize how much my two-yr-old son did not understand until he threw a football to his two-month-old sister and she didn't catch it!

It was a wake up call for me and we had a little talk about what she can't do yet. I just thought he would know to be gentle, etc. Seems like your Noe is maybe not as aggressive as my son, so you shouldn't have any trouble :)

Lindsay said...

Your baby boy will treasure this letter ... truly treasure it!

I'm growing with anticipation from Oregon as well :)

dani said...

what a sweet note to your not-yet-born baby boy, wendi:) he is going to fit in perfectly; for he's another piece of your life's puzzle.
much love,
dani xxxxxx