Friday, July 3, 2009

 {FOUR of them!}

FOUR boys. It's still sinking in. I'm still in awe of it all. I was the girl who never missed a chance to dress up. Could never wear enough frills. Loved all things pretty and pink and girlie. From a very young age. And I thought my future would involve passing on my love of all of that to a little girl. And instead my daily life revolves around 3 little boys running around me. One boy in heaven - who has claimed a special place in my heart. One little boy nestled inside. And another boy who loves me like no other. Crazy -this thing called life. When the things we think we want become far away and the things we have been given become close to our hearts. FOUR of them. to raise and kiss and cuddle ...and get exasperated with and ask forgiveness from. Dirt and energy and competing Trucks and airplanes and rocket ships Big eyes questioning loving and bringing a sweetness into my life that I could not have imagined. I always thought that moms with a house full of boys had to be tough and encompass a strength I didn't posses. But I started hearing comments that I am just the lady to be the mom of FOUR boys. And I wondered - ? Me? And I began to realize that this house full of testosterone needs a softness needs a loving touch needs a bit of all things girl needs emotions of the female persuasion. Yes, it does make sense. Me - the mom to FOUR boys. Who knew that a heart could contain so much love?


Mel said...

4 of the miracles in life!!! beautiful

Lindsay said...

:) yep .... just when we think we know what we should have in life ... God gives us what we really need ... and what needs us even more!

Great post & thoughts I've had myself {although I was a tomboy and not girly in the slightest}! *grin*


MoziEsmé said...

I LOVE your perspective on this!

Anonymous said...

I always thought I'd want only girls since I had a girl, but after getting to hold my nephew the past two days, I am ALL ABOUT some boys!!!

This was beautiful!

Rachel said...

LOVE this post! And love that you have a houseful of boys :) I always thought I would be mom to girls...I grew up with girls, imagined myself with girls, and wondered what in the world I would do if I had a boy. But I tell you what...I can't wait to find out what it's like to have a little boy! Thanks for sharing about the joy of little boys :)

austins mom said...

I love my boys as well!!! They are such a blessing and such a joy! I agree with the whole post!
I can't wait to "meet" the newest boy in your bunch! :)

The Prophet said...

children of God. Grettings.

kt mac said...

beautiful pictures.
beautiful words.
I always leave your page smiling :)
your boys are beautiful and sweet!

And thank you for your msg we are super excited :)

michele said...

God knows just what we need and you must be one tough, beautiful, capable woman for Him to intrust you with four boys. And just think... some day... some day off in the distant future you may have wonderful daughter in laws. :)

Aminta said...

The reason you are the perfect mom for FOUR boys......
Love. You have a love and a compassion that will encompass them and teach them to be the man a woman would be proud to call their husband. There are few men out there that have this special gift from their mother.
So cuddle well into their life (as long and longer then they will let you) and be the provider of miracle kisses, the sweet smile when they are home from school, the mommy that sings, and dances and plays with them. Providing in each boy a tender and compassionate heart.
Love you Wendy! So mcuh!