Wednesday, June 10, 2009

 What he didn't say

His step faltered He wasn't on my time schedule Already running behind Annoyed to be getting later Why couldn't he see? He was slowing us down I rushed him and pressured him And then I said it to him "Just walk, keep up! Walk!" In a voice too loud In a tone that makes me any thing but proud Then I saw that look In his hazel eyes which match my own It said more than words ever could It said "I'm trying" And "I know I'm slower than you" "This takes so much effort" "Come down to my level" "Understand" "You usually do, don't stop now" "I need a mommy who will empathize" "I need patience" So I knelt down and hugged him tight His brightly colored leg braces blurred in front of my eyes I needed reminded I needed to stop His walking progresses At his own pace He still needs support and encouragement each step of the way And how often my own step falters It did that day And then I found my sure footing In what he didn't say


Melissa said...

Beautiful are blessed. And he too!

Arlona Mc said...

I can see so much progress in K. He often gets up and walks now where a short time ago he would just scoot. I don't know of anyone who can scoot faster than he can, but he really wants to walk and he is progressing. I am very happy to see his progress.

Amber said...

Unforunatly we all get a little impatient at times and ask a little too much of our little ones.
Good thing God is there in our childs eyes to remind us to "slow down".

Congratulations on another boy!!
How exciting.

creative gal said...

Very beautiful! God understands when we get a bit stressed with life and feel the need to HURRY UP, HURRY UP. . . sometimes we just need a reminder to slow down a bit. . . Hugs from NC!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for this ... a good reminder for all of this no matter what stage we find ourselves in.

You're a great mama ... and I'm truly inspired by you. Thank you for sharing {life} with your readers!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Wendi, once again you get the award for making me cry at work. :)

Stacey said...

We're always in too much of a hurry aren't we? So good you can stop and see it!! Your love for your children is very evident in your writing!!!

Very nice.