Tuesday, June 16, 2009

 The Ultimate Father

There’s a Father shaped hole

In all of our hearts

Some have been filled

-Daddies doing their part

Time and attention

To each little princess

Firm in discipline

But generous with kisses

Yet not all have been blessed

With that affirmation

Which starts out their life

In the right direction

They search and they search

Sure they can fill

That deep and vast void

With a new kind of thrill

Met with surprise

Disappointment and grief

The hole only widens

Is there no relief?

Then one day they meet

The ultimate dad

He can’t disappoint

He’s the best love they’ve had

But scars still remain

Paths have been chosen

Choices were made

Hopes have been broken

While they searched for the love

Of the one who meant most

The first man in their lives

Designed to be close

His role is so needed

He can’t be replaced

By any earthy relationship

It can’t fill that space

How blessed we are

When it’s our God that we see

As our irreplaceable Father

The one whom we need

He’ll never leave

He can not lie

His love knows no bounds

He counts each tear and each sigh

He knows we’re but dust

He created our being

He won’t turn away

When to our humanness we cling

But he gently leads

He speaks to our hearts

His yoke is easy

Sweet grace he imparts

Our longing lover

The sweetest friend

The ultimate father

His love never ends


Angela said...

So powerful, beautiful and true

Rach@In His Hands said...

Amen! Beautiful words to remind us of who loves us the most.

Amy said...

God's love it overwhelming. He has blessed me with His love today. Thank you for your beautiful words. They spoke to my heart.