Wednesday, June 24, 2009

 Musings on a very hot summer day

It's kinda hot here today. Too hot to concentrate and make a real coherent post. I'm posting any way. Fun.
  • Pretty sure the baby is named. For me any way. I have been mentally referring to him by the name I have chosen for several weeks now - so that's it for me. :) I'm not going to tell yet, but I will say it was mentioned in the comments of my 'name game' post. Go read them all, it was so much fun for me to read through all of those comments!
  • Chocolate chocolate chip muffins are too a nutritious breakfast! My boys agree.
  • I feel like I am carrying this baby differently than the other boys. It feels different when he kicks too. I think it's because he is breach. At my 20 week ultra sound he was just as stubborn as ever - bottom on my cervix, legs and head up by my belly button. All of the other boys have been head down from the first time we have seen them. Praying he gets that way soon.
  • Super excited about our bed room remodeling!
  • Trying to ward of the frustration of living in a house while remodeling. The mess is horrendous.
  • Have gained 15 pounds in 22 weeks.
  • So excited that Dave only has to work 4 days next week!
  • Preparing for our Iowa vacation in two weeks.
  • Can hardly believe the deep and insightful spiritual questions my 4 year old has been asking every day.
  • Trying to convince the boys that they can not live in the pool.
  • Summer's official arrival brought with it a crazy heat wave!
  • Which quickly brought me to the conclusion that, no, swimming suits that fit me pre pregnancy can NOT just stretch...
  • Maternity swim suit form Old Navy is on it's way as we speak. :)
  • finding it difficult to muster up any kind of motivation to cook when it is this hot.
  • Love pouring over paint chips. I'm obsessed with paint colors - and their names intrigue me. Right now I think I have decided on 'baked bean', 'cocoa pecan', and 'coffee kiss' for bedroom colors. Really warm rich colors that make me so happy.
  • Taking K to Physical and occupational therapy today - as we will each Wednesday through out the summer.
  • So proud of how hard K works and how much he loves his therapy. He loves Wednesdays!
  • Taking inventory of what we will need for baby.
  • After going through 6 1/2 years and 3 boys, much of what we have is not fit for another baby.
  • Wasting spending alot of time looking at baby stuff on line.
  • Slightly obsessed with blue and brown color combinations. Like this nursing cover and this baby sling and these delicious baby shoes. Not that I would want to eat them - but really, aren't they just adorable?!! Oh - and this bedding set. :)
  • Making a paper chain with Jay today. One link for each week until baby is due. :) Only 18 links to make.
  • Loving this picture.
  • Off to cut and tape a paper chain...


Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

The paint must be Coffee Kiss! You could not do Baked Bean in your bedroom! That is no way to set the mood! Loving all your blue & brown choices. Makes me want to go scrap! Speaking of which we must have another scrap night! Can't wait to here your baby's name! Are you going to Iowa over the 4th? We are going camping that weekend near here. I need to start making all my lists! Hope you can find a way to beat the heat!

Love you!

Rachel said...

I cannot wait to hear your baby's name! So exciting!

I am loving the blue and brown stuff too...maybe we need to plan a shopping trip!

Leslie said...

love love love this post. Feel like I haven't seen anything from you in ages.. Miss you. (Its not you its my lack of reading!)

So love hearing about the pre baby excitement.... and summer, and brown and blue...

and and and

your such a sweetheart Wendi.. Can't wait to see your newest littlest face.... I totally can't.

Amanda Hoyt said...

Love this list - love "hearing" the excitement about the baby in your post! :)
Can't wait to hear what the baby's name is :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you were so far along! How exciting!!!

Glad you liked your stuff. ;) I'm also glad it made it to you. I thought about sending it fedex because I was about to have a stroke over how our post office can't seem to deliver mail. :)

Anne Elizabeth said...

Can you send me your email:) I am going private and wanted to send you and invite. What room are you painting?

Amanda said...

cannot wait to hear baby's name...and oh how i LOVE the sling and cover and shoes you've been eyeing...i too have spent way too much time on etsy dreaming about baby i just need to get busy around my house...especially in the eventual nursery...but honestly, the heat has slowed me WAY down...i'm thinking about busting out the sprinkler this afternoon...but seriously, i have to decide if i can even handle the heat long enough to set it up...not to mention sitting out there with the girls! :)

Mama Belle said...

What else can the boys do but live in the pool with this heat? 104 degrees today. Too hot.

Lois Lane II said...

WOW, you're getting close to having that baby on the outside!! =)

I want chocolate chip muffins now, lol!

jennifer said...

cute sling! i also like the slings on raspberry baby's etsy shop too!

Heather of the EO said...

I love blue and brown combos too! Such cute stuff.

And I'll be looking forward to the name, SO curiously :)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Hmmmm...what could that name be???

I know it might be weird, but I'm so curious which Old Navy bathing suit you got. Call me crazy, but I love looking at and shopping for maternity clothes. I think they're so adorable.

So proud of K - yay for Wednesday!

I am with you on the paint chip thing. We haven't painted anything in awhile, but I still save all of the little sample strips just to look at sometimes, because it is so fun and colorful. Coffee that is a great name.

austins mom said...

Ohh I love paint colors as well!
Love the bedding you have picked! brown and blue are so beautiful together! I can't wait to hear the name you have chosen!