Friday, June 5, 2009

 But how????

Dear families {with small children} who have some how managed to keep your home clutter free and tidy: Is it just that way when I have seen your house, because you knew you were having company? (oh how I flatter myself!) Or have you figured it out? The "it" that I have been trying, quite unsuccessfully, to get. How are the sweet little children's books in your book shelf still all in one piece? You know, with covers fully intact and no tape marring the little picture on the front? Are my boys really extraordinarily destructive? Okay, don't answer that one. And those puzzle boxes - it appears that your children haven't torn them numerous times because I don't see layers of tape on yours. What's up with that? I see some of you have white carpet in your home. And it's still, you know, white. ??????????? Oh, and a back yard that doesn't look like it belongs at a day care where at least 37 kids are playing daily? My boys just LOVE their swing set, sand box, little basket ball hoop, and numerous other random toys, tools, and house hold gadgets that have ended up out there... Those straw cups in your cupboards, the cute ones with cars and Nemo on them, the straws aren't all chewed and deformed. Hmmm. Um, mirrors and windows that don't have little fingerprints all over them? I really need to get the Window cleaner out. Again. Wow, and a different bin or basket for each set of toys. I tried that once. It lasted 24 hours. So, how do you find the energy to re do it. And re do it. And re do it. Every 24 hours. Just curious. Much love and an insane amount of respect, A mother who will soon be cleaning 8 little hand prints off from windows. {Wow!!}


Katarina said...

You haven't been to my house have you? Sounds like you are describing it perfectly.

Windex? Seriously, I don't even bother any more (o.k maybe, once a year) not worth my effort when .5 seconds later their little hands are all over it again.

Books with intact covers?? That happens? Puzzle boxes that haven't been retaped *lots*...... in my dreams maybe :)

So nice to know that my house is not the only place where things looks like that, and that I'm not the only one the wishes I could keep it nice.

Oh yeah, we have the little boxes for every toy, but I'm happy as long as the toys go into ANY bucket :)

Enjoy your weekend.

Heather of the EO said...

I don't get it either (when I see neat and tidy and clean).

I love that quote (don't know who said it) that goes something like,

Parenting is really easy.
Provided you don't try to do anything else.

I figure that means cleaning and stuff :)

Mel said...

Ok i am not great at the uncluttered house thing...i figure i can drive myself batty by being a cleaning crazy woman, or i can take a deep breath and know that yes straigtening up is super important and laundry that there are somethings much more important than decluttering...

by the way i have my kids clean their own room, i do not look in closets or toy boxes and i let them put away their laundry and dont' look in their drawers either.

Sara@i.Sass said...

ha ha hahaha.
Yeha, umm, I'm laughing because an unclutter house is like a dragon or unicorn or a glass slipper. They don't really exist. And by exist I mean where I live. In MY reality. See, I am the meanest mom, because I never let the kids don anything "fun" like playdo, or shaving cream art or finger painting. AGH, I hate paint. No, seriously ask em. If it has the POSSIBILITY to become messy, it ain't happening in my house. That's why I pay for them to go to preschool. Ahem.(They get to clean it up.)
It is all I can stand to see the "kids line" on my walls and the twice daily toothpaste splatter on my bathroom mirrors. (you know what I'm talking about...that line of touching they do as they walk through the house that over time just becomes permament.) And Hubby says "we JUST finished painting the upstairs. I'm not painitng again."
"Honey, we painted Nick's room. The living area hasn't been done since we moved IN five years ago. Look at the walls dear, there's a LINE around it!!!"
Seriuously, if you come to my house, I claim no responsibility for what your eyes may or may not see. If you look up you may see a web floating in a corner I can't reach, if you look down you may see where the cat barfed on too many times and is now stained.
You will not see any counter tops either, that's where we keep all of our "important" notices.
Like I said UNICORN.

Lois Lane II said...

I am so nervous because I have ZERO kids and my house is STILL a disaster zone. Seriously, when I actually have kids, what's going to happen then??? I am sooo envious of women who can keep their houses so nice and neat. But HOW DO THEY DO THAT???

Anne Elizabeth said...

Ever since I've had my third I find it virtually impossible to stay on top of the house. I was a clean FREAK before my third was born. I still am but I just don't have the time/energy to keep it as clean. I have ONE boy that constantly makes messes. I can't imagine what it is like with three... Actually I can because I had three younger brothers. I'm thinking it is easier to keep a clean house with all girls, but maybe that is just because I've never known what it is like to have only girls. I should be cleaning instead of typing this long reply. lol

Joy Abbott @ Insane4Indo said...

I'm so with you Wendi! How???? I have a hard time with just 4 little hands around, one being a girl!
I look at it as I have the chance to spend all my time cleaning or I can stop and take time to enjoy my kids. Cause it's flying by!
Miss ya girl.

Joy Abbott @ Insane4Indo said...

So I was looking through some of the magazines that are in the guest home we are staying in, (know the family and better homes and gardens) I know it's a magazine shoot, but in all reality, I've noticed, you usually don't hear about families with toddlers and them having immaculate houses!! Not unless they have a maid and a nanny!! I think it comes down to what's more important. I think you are doing a great job as a mom. You have sweet, well behaved children. Keep up the hard work!

Lindsay said...

True. Honest. Real.

That's what you continue to be with each and every post!

Your life with {chaos} at times will allow you to see what God deals with in us every single day... at least that's my opinion.

None of us are clutter-free, stain-free, completely organized or perfect in any way ... so how on earth can we expect that from our children or the home they live in? I do - quite often.
I want a clean and organized house so badly, but I also know that, that day will come eventually. And God will continue to work on me through my house :)

Rambling. I think I'm still half asleep :) Great post. Love to you today!

Hayley said...

Wendi! Books that look great haven't been read to little people!

Puzzle boxes that are intact haven't been dumped out and lovingly put together.

Windows that are clean mean your little people aren't standing on the couch, peering out and waving little hands at their daddy.

A clean yard free of plastic bowls for the sandbox, balls, bats, plastic mower, baby stroller, (you fill in the blank) means your little ones don't know how to roll around in the outdoors and find wonder in the art of playing. A clean yard means they aren't finding any joy at home, but must be shuttled back and forth to endless activities, being entertained and prepared to be vague participants in society instead of creative leaders and thinkers. (ok, that may be a stretch)

You just enjoy those tattered books. Someday when we can't tape the pages together anymore we can just just order them again off of amazon or ebay for our grandkids and start it all over again.

Kristy said...

For some reason, I feel like you were discribing my house... the one with the white carpet and bins for every toy...

Here's my secret...

Everything gets put away twice a day. Before lunch and before bed. They can take out whatever they want and play with it, but when they are sleeping (naptime after lunch, bedtime obviously) things are going to be put away so I don't have to hurt my feet stepping on legos or swords. As far as books... we've had to replace several because they were loved A LOT... and we have a few movie cases with teeth marks...

Oh, and if it doesn't all get done, what is sure to get done is the hugging, kissing, snuggling, tickling and chasing. Because that is definitely the important stuff.

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

I am with you! I go to Kristy's house and am in awe. Sorry future husbands of my girls, I am afraid I am raising a bunch of messies! I try, but I would just rather be doing something else. I buy bins, they get mixed up. I would just rather be concerned that everything is off the floor than if everything is in the right place. Maybe if I spent a little less time blogging and more cleaning it would be better. But who wants to do that?!?

Anonymous said...

I only have one girl, and I often ask those exact same questions! I guess she's just as destructive as boys sometimes. :)