Friday, February 20, 2009

 A neat opportunity!

I have been following the adoption journey of a sweet couple; Josh and Rachel. I think that Rachel left a comment on my blog a few months ago and that is how I found her blog. I don't personally know Rachel and Josh, but the way she writes about each step in the adoption process as well as the emotions they have gone through truly makes one feel like Rach is a close friend. Yep - I called her Rach. 'Cause we're buds like that. I think she very likely calls me Wen. ;) Any way, Rachel came up with a really great way to help them raise the funds they need to help out with all of the costs this adoption is going to incur. You can chip in to help them out and will be entered in to a fantastic drawing. You are going to have to go check it out - but believe me, it is good! I love the community among people who blog and share their lives. I think it is awesome how word can spread and if a whole bunch of people give a little bit it adds up to an incredible amount! Click on the image above to be directed to her blog. Rachel and Josh are already wonderful parents. The love they have for the baby, who will soon be placed in their arms, shines through every post she writes. This child is going to be loved beyond measure and brought up in a way that glorifies the one who knew in the very beginning that this couple and this baby would be a family.


Rach@In His Hands said...

Oh, Wen, ;-) you are a dear, dear friend! You have me in tears over this post....I am humbled to have such amazing support from you and many others. Josh and I are so grateful to you. We are blessed!

I'm e-mailing you now!

Mel said...

checking it out!!

Elizabeth said...

isn't this wonderful! :-) i was so excited when this was up!

dani said...

i will check it out, wendi:)