Thursday, October 30, 2008

 Updates and tags

Sweet sweet sleep was mine for the taking last night. I was so well rested that I got up with Dave at 5:15 this morning. That is not something that I normally do. He has a very busy day planned today and I will probably not see him much until bed time, so I was motivated to spend a little bit of extra early morning time with him. I took my sweet little Noe in to the doctor last night and I am so glad that I did! He has an ear infection. It makes so much sense now as to why he would wake up screaming the past few nights. Poor baby! Ear infections can be so painful! Now that we are treating it he is getting the rest he needs as well. I could hardly believe how patient Noe was yesterday as we had to wait in the waiting room, wait for the doctor, wait for the prescription, etc. He was the epitome of cuteness in his fleecy Rudoloh jammies and had every one in the doctors office caught up in his flirting and chattering. He babbled constantly about shoes and brothers, owies and jammies, puppies and snow. Then he would crawl up onto his chair over and over declaring to his enraptured audience "I did it!!" He was exhausted by the time we got home, but so very well behaved! I relish those one on one times with my boys! Now on to some business that I am very late on. I have been tagged several times by several people and am embarrassed to say I don't even remember who all has tagged me. I keep tucking it back in my mind as a future post to do, but then get distracted by other ideas. :) I am very distractable. Ohhh - I should've waited and wrote that as one of the six random things I am supposed to write about myself. :) Okay, here are the 6 random, and very exciting things about me. 1. My favorite car right now is the Chrysler 300. Since you probably can't fit three car seats in the back, I am settling for a mini van. That is, for sure, the only thing standing in my way. *wink* 2. My brother married my sister's husband's sister. No, it really isn't as wrong as it sounds. Read it again. It's okay, I promise. In fact, it is really cool. 3. I married my dear friend Sarah's husband's brother. 4. My dear friend Rachel used to date Dave. It's always been good for a few laughs. :) 5. I often feel very intimidated to try new things, but when I do I feel so much satisfaction. 6. I am really bad at small talk. One of the most fulfilling things in my life is truly connecting with people on a deep level. Starting little conversations about external stuff is not my forte, but I am trying to do better at initiating conversation and being okay with small talk. :) I think almost every one I know who blogs has done this tag, so I will let it rest. :) Okay, I also got a photo tag a while ago. I think this one was from Jacy. :) The rules for this one are: go into your pictures, click on the fourth folder and then the fourth picture and post about it on your blog. This is what I found: This was K's first birthday! :) He was so tiny at only 17 pounds, sitting on that ice cream pail. :) It was so fun to go into old photo folders and see pictures which brought back memories.


Anthony's Mommy said...

awww baby K!!! I want to see more pics of him when he was little! He's just such an inspiration to me!


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Im so glad you were able to rest up! And what a fun post I loved learning a little more about you and your family ties ;) I did have to read it a few times by the way hehehe your boys sound so cute Wendi, too bad they can't play with mine, they would have so much fun I am sure of it!
Love you friend

Anonymous said...

I am so with you on the small talk! Give me meaningful conversation with a friend (new or old) than mindless chit chat any day!

Here's hoping your little man has a speedy recovery!

photomama said...

I love chrysler too, altho I am really wanting the honda odessy, They are a hip and hoppin mini van.
What a sweet pic of K and he was so tiny, glad you got some rest and Noe is feeling a little better.

Cindy said...

I just spent time catching up on your last couple of posts. I am sorry that you have had a rough spell and that your little Noe has an ear infection. My littlest guy used to get them all the time but thank God he doesn't any longer ~ they are so painful.
I will be praying that God fill you with His peace in the midst of grieving and disappointments.

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

You forgot to mention that the cake in that picture was made by Dave! (My ex-boyfriend!) It was soo cute and he did an amazing job!

I am so happy you all slept better last night!

Aspiemom said...

I'm glad that you got a good rest and also that Noe has medicine so he can get over his ear infection.

You have some very interesting random facts!

jennifer@love,laughter,and lyrics said...

man! I'm embarrassed to say that more than once I've taken Avery to the Dr. for what I thought was a cold, only to discover that she had double ear infections! It makes you feel HORRIBLE.

I wish they could just say, "Mommy. I think I have an ear infection". It would make things so much easier.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Love you list! I know how you feel about the tags...I have lost track of all the tags I was supposed to have done...oops.

I have SUCH a hard time with small talk, too. Like you I am trying to be more comfortable with it, but it just is not in my nature.

Sweet picture of K! I love looking back at old pictures...what memories. :)

Lois Lane II said...

Okay, I totally love the "small world" dating thing you have, lol! Mine's kinda best friend is married to my ex-boyfriend (who is also my husband's best friend), and I dated a former close friend (they are still friends, just not as close due to distance) of my husband. Lol!

BTW, found you through Rachel's blog.