Friday, October 3, 2008

 All for the love of Leslie

Once upon a time there was a beautiful sweet lady. She started writing about her lovely world and generously shared her writing on the internet. Because of the sheer beauty of her words, many other sweet ladies began to read each word and eagerly anticipate each new post that she published.
This lady's name was Leslie. Leslie became a mommy to an amazing little girl and her words became even more meaningful. Leslie's love for her little Rylan made all of the other mommies reading about it take pause and begin to love their families even deeper. When Leslie became a mommy she shined in a new and breathtaking way.
When God decided to bless Leslie and her dear Nick with another little one there was excitement all over blog land. Unfortunately pregnancy and Leslie just didn't mesh all that well. Leslie went through many, many troublesome issues. And let me tell you all - even when she was very down she continued to lift her eyes heavenward and praise the one who got her through each struggle and continues to knit this baby inside of her.
Then something amazing began to transpire. Ladies began to bond over Leslie, her family, and her pregnancy. Ladies began to look at their own blessings in a brighter light. We not only drew closer to Leslie but we also 'met' each other and became close. And then this amazing circle of devotion took an incredible turn.
A secret blog was created. An undisclosed virtual baby shower began to take shape and the ladies plotting it out saw the emerging of something exquisite.
It's hard to even put in to words what has transpired behind the secretive hush of this amazing plan. Tears have come to my eyes so often as I have visited this site and saw the love that has flown from all over the world to this beautiful family. Handmade gifts (That can be described in no other way than truly amazing!), prayers, a beautiful slide show, so many caring words, details and special touches.
During the past few months a few of these friends have found themselves in circumstances that required praying hard, banding together, and encouraging. So in the confines of this blog created for Leslie and baby Cade, many others have been lifted up, brought out of discouraging situations and reminded that they are loved.
Today is the much anticipated day in which dear Leslie will find out about all of this. Our excitement was so hard to keep under wraps. :) Gifts have been crafted and sent to a local friend of Leslie's. Games have been planned. Special messages have been written. Dear baby Cade could arrive any time now.
So to you dear Leslie, Enjoy! Enjoy the many displays of love that you will now be able to observe for yourself. You have inspired and blessed so many! Now we want you to be blessed. We love you!
~Poem for Cade~
Praying for you
Dreaming of you
Loving you already
Anticipating your arrival
You are so adored little one
Do you know how much?
Some day you will hear
A beautiful story
A story of people all over the world
A story of love and bonding
Bonding over YOU
Bonding over your mama, daddy, and sister
Even more importantly, you will hear a story of a greater love
The love of a Father
A Father who knit you together and felt joy as He created you
A Father who longs for your heart to be forever joined with his
So welcome to the world baby Cade!
A loved baby
A precious baby
A miracle…
To peak in to the secret blog that is now going public click on the image at the beginning of this post.


Anne Elizabeth said...

That is so neat! I really like the poem you wrote.

Alaiyo said...


Chelle said...

What a gorgeous tribute to our gorgeous friend...

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

This was so sweet Wendi! Truly amazing and so was last night!

Leslie said...

Oh Wendi your telling me, my eyes haven't been dry for an hour.
Im totally humbled and overwhelmed by this.. seriously. I can't even believe that all of these amazing women (including you) would love my family so tenderly.
Im blown away, and so so very blessed

dani said...

wendi, what you girls did is cooler than cool, sweeter than sweet... just plain AWESOME!!! i hope everything goes well for leslie, cade, and co. :)
love and more prayers,

Aminta said...

You know, it doesn't matter what you write, I always cry coming here. I think that perhaps your emotions are so raw and untame. I love you open life and your vigor for living it to the fullest.
Thank you, as always, for sharing not only words, but you heart.
Love you Wendi!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet way with words you have! You have such a lovely family and I can't wait to get to know each of you a bit better as well!

Cindy said...

What an incredibly sweet and generous thing you have done for a bloggy friend.

Many jewels in your heavenly crown I'm sure.

Blessings, Cindy

kt mac said...

wow loved this Wendi.

Wishing I didn't live twenty something hours away sometimes existing in another day!And wishing I could teach you some of my sewing skills!

I loved your post and your poem.. I knew your poem would just be so wonderful! you have such a gift for writing and writing heartfelt messages.

missed you all too