Monday, July 7, 2008


First of all let me just say I am not changing the theme of my blog to 'publishing the nice things people say about Wendi'. :) Although... that does have a nice ring to it (I just like to pretend I'm classier than that). I was privileged to be associated with two incredible ladies today and am thrilled to share this honor and acknowledge the sweetness which I have been a recipient of. I began reading Angela's blog, Becoming Me, a couple of months ago. I was immediately drawn in by the way she beautifully utilized words. You know me, I'm a words person. The way Angela writes is so lovely and that's just the technical side. The content - oh you guy are just going to have to go over to her blog and check it out. It is truly God breathed. God uses this girls openness to Him and makes it so amazing. Angela and I have become friends through our writing and she has so graciously given me the 'Beautiful Servant Award'. This award was also bestowed upon Angie from Bring the Rain. I'm sure alot of you have read this blog. It has had such wide reaching positive effects. Angie is married to Todd, who sings in the Christian group Selah, which just happens to be one of my most played C.D.s :) Angie is another amazing woman who has had a powerful impact on my life. I have been reading her authentic and elegantly written blog for a few months as well. Her journey through the loss of their daughter Audrey Caroline has brought me to tears and my knees many times. It has also had an important role in sustaining me through our loss. This is another writer who has the finger prints of God all over her material. I look up to these two sister's in Christ. Being mentioned on Angela's blog, and in the same paragraph as Angie, pretty much made my day today. :) Please check out this sweetly articulated post here.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Congratulations!!!! I can't think of anyone more deserving of this award...I would've picked you too!

Your writing is beautiful, just like you, inside and out.


PS - I'm all for that new blog name...makes me smile :)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Good for you, Wendi!

I forgot to mention yesterday that I love your new header...just beautiful.

Sarah M. said...

Congrats J! I caught up on those 2 ladies last night. Don and I got DUMPED on trying to work at the property while the kids were at VBS! I started looking for the animals coming 2 by 2. Maybe our house was really an ark!

Elizabeth said...

love the new banner!

so glad that you have this award under your deserve it. :-)

Kari Dawson said...

Gosh I haven't taken a walk on your page in a while, or anyone's for that matter. I've missed much. I'm glad to see you are healing. I truly understand and can relate to the feeling you get when you realize another person has been touched by your life and trials. Jesus has blessed you with a way to articulate your highs and lows and uses you as a vessel. Congrats!

Amanda said...

oh how deserving you are...because you shine the light on Christ.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Well deserved.


Becoming Me said...


Your friendship and writings have blessed me tremendously and when I was praying about the beautiful servant award and writing the criteria your face was one that kept coming to mind. Like Sarah wrote, you are beautiful inside and out. Thank you for those very kind words about me. That made my day. Love, Angela

mamachristina said...

Wendi you underestimate how incredibly sweet and genuine you are to us all. I love your new blog header, so classy and eye catching

Little Candle said...

I think no is suprised at all by your receieving the award. As Sarah said, you are very deserving.

I also must say that I really like your new page header.

Sarah :)