Friday, May 9, 2008

 What I've been up to

Little scattered today. This post will likely be an unsystematic hodge podge of information related to nothing in particular.
  • Waiting. Waiting on K's new glasses. Waiting on word from our school of choice for him this fall. Waiting to hear if/when he will be getting into the intensive therapy program we have him on a waiting list for.
  • Contemplating whether we could possibly be encountering a slight case of discrimination from the school system. Makes me sad. Trying not to come to unfounded conclusions.
  • Cleaning. For other people. Why is it so much more fun for me to clean other people's houses than my own? Today mine begs for my attention.
  • Making new friends. I love this!

    Deepening present friendships. Loved my night out closing down the Olive Garden (living on the edge people!) with my Jazz and Cori a couple of weeks ago. Loved my morning out to breakfast with my mom2mom friends yesterday. Hmmm...A theme; food. Seriously, it was about the friends, not the food, but the food was amazing. :)
  • Still cheering on Dave's softball team. Tuesday was a bit off for them, but circumstances were not optimal, and this time I didn't bring chocolate chip cookies. Lesson learned.
  • Needing to admit that my 3 year old is out growing nap time *sob*. Since his night time sleep is beginning to be hindered, we are in a transition stage with his schedule. He fell asleep sitting up at 4, 5, and 6 last night.
  • Loving my new orange plaid bermuda shorts.
  • Feeling a bit replaced by a new (to us) lawn mower that will be joining our family today. The only other time I remember that look in his eye we were dating and it was about me...:)
  • Contemplating how 'John Deere 3 16' sounds So much more like something you would find in your Bible than in your garage.
  • Regardless of mower jealousy, appreciating a new level of openness and communication with Dave. I love this!
  • Translating the volumes of words that stream out of Noe's mouth. Wow, this boy can talk. I don't know where he gets it?! I can understand about 1/3 of what he says.
  • Planning a Mother's Day zoo trip. Dave was talking to his mom about it when she was here a couple of days ago and because we weren't sure of our plans, and didn't want to get little ones hopes up yet, he told her we were thinking about going to the 'z-o-o'. Some day we will realize that our little ones are not babies any more... K turned his little body around in record time and flashed one of his rival-the-sunrise smiles, "The ZOO?! Are we going to the zoo dad?!" We most definitely are!
  • Continuing my study in 'Seeking Him' on honesty. I love this. Oops, Maybe I am stretching the truth...just a little bit.
  • Almost completely caught up on laundry. One more load and it will all be washed, dried, folded, and put away. Sorry to drag you into the true mundane of my life, but this is a tremendous victory! :) It is a remarkable feeling.
  • Contemplating how I will accomplish my civil duty of stimulating the economy. It's a high calling. (Oh wait, lovely green and yellow 3 16 already took care of that for us...)
  • Trying not to be so contemplative.


Sarah said...

Too bad you're not closer...I could clean your house and you could clean mine!

Happy Friday, Wendi!

PS - Love the shorts...trying not to be jealous that you are caught up on laundry :)

Rachel said...

Chad is going to be so jealous of Dave! A John Deere & a dog! Our stimulating of the economy will come with a trip to Lowes Motor Speedway, so maybe Dave will be jealous too. I will also be going to get some much needed clothes that fit. (I just wish they were going to be a size smaller rather than bigger! But not enough to stop eating and start running!) And hair cuts for all!!! Hopefully we will be able to squeeze the girls cuts in today before the banquet!
I am close on the laundry washing but never caught up on folding and putting away.
See you tonight!!!

Sarah M. said...

I TRUELY NEED both a Chili's and Outback girls night out!! I am so sad they are both 70 miles away. I'll be close to one tomorrow, but I don't want to go out alone!

CRJFamily said...

Good job on the laundry! I don't know if I'll ever be completely caught up...and just think, I'll be adding even more in a couple weeks! Ugh...I think we just have way too many clothes!

FordFamilyFun said...

The laundry is never caught up here. As soon as the hamper is empty someone (I will not name names) comes home from work (that was the only hint I'm giving) and throws his (ok, hint #2) dirty clothes in. So it is never truly done.

I love that our government has asked us to shop. It's not often we can claim "civil duty" when explaining the new handbag to our dear husbands. Unfortunately, not new handbags for me, we are shopping for a new roof!!

Joy Abbott said...

Hey, How do you know Jazz?
I went to bible school with her!