Tuesday, May 6, 2008

 Parting...such sweet sorrow

You've beckoned me in the chewy bliss that is a bagel. I've given in to your smooth charms as you've presented yourself in the form of pasta. Now I must bid you a fond farewell.

It is for my janitor...and don't think for a minute that it is because he doesn't like you. Quite the contrary. Just between us, without you he can even be the teeniest bit grumpy. Being the all or nothing guy that he is, he sees fit to shun you now. You and he have parted ways before and he has seen quick and positive results. I will not shun you completely and the little people in the house will still have their fill of your ample offerings. I must support him and place you out of his sight. You would only pull at the strings of compromise for him. Your new position will be in a hidden corner of the cupboard. You will now take a back shelf to protein. We do not love protein the way we love you, but it is best for every one this way.

I enjoyed creating you almost as much as I loved consuming you. The house will seem silent with out the musical whir of the Kitchen Aid. I must refrain from distributing your tantalizing aromas through out our house.

Maybe I will learn to love meat and salad the way I have always loved you. I'm sure...it will be fine. Just fine. A hamburger can resemble a chocolate cookie...if you squint. And a bowl of shredded lettuce may appear a bit like pasta. Kind of. I will be fine. It's all good...


Sarah said...

I ABSOLUTELY love, love, LOVE this post!!!! HA!!!

Why are carbs so GOOD?!? Best wishes on this journey... :)

mamachristina said...

How funny. I love carbs as well, why are they our favorite? But I love the high protien and fruit and vegi plan I am on.

Amanda said...

LOVE this post...we really need to have this kind of "ceremony" for the carbs at our house! are you getting out from under the suitcase explosion. oh, and i am most definitely not more organized than you...i about had a breakdown yesterday i was so overwhelmed with trying to get back in the swing of things...i struggle so much with housework and knowing where to balance time...ugh! teach me, o Lord!

Stacey said...

Moderation is the key! I don't think I could give up carbs all the way!!!

Good luck!

CRJFamily said...

GOod luck! I could never get rid of carbs! Funny story - Craig had heard of some sort of "carb" diet. So he was eating pretty much bread alone! He got on the scale and had gained 10 lbs and said, Renee, I thought the carb diet was supposed to help! I told him, Honey, you're supposed to AVOID carbs!! Oh my:)