Monday, April 14, 2008

 Smiles, frowns, and age three

Laid back weekends with lots of family time really puts a smile on my face!
So does:
experiencing age three
homemade pretzels with cream cheese
getting in touch with my inner craftiness once again and making something cute and fun for a very special person
listening to my boys talk about pools, fire works, hats, and heaven
anticipating my afternoon working at the crisis pregnancy center
daffodils and crocuses smiling at me every time I step outside
coming across some really neat blogs to read
foot massages

My smile was suppressed a bit as I decided it was best to stay home from church with a coughing 15 month old yesterday morning (really missed my time at church!).

Other things that have been known to steal my smile:
experiencing age three
sticky floors
missing long distance family
miserable baby
facing tough conviction
making hard changes

Experiencing age three definitely has a unique spot on both lists. :) I have never been so entertained in my life. I have never been so on the edge of sanity. Lord, give me the wisdom to handle three!


Stacey said...

And I was thinking 2 was difficult this time around!!!

Love your pictures and how real you are!

Amanda said...

i love your "I'm in love with the janitor" encouraging (and convicting) to read someone elses thankful read of someone else's love...and to be reminded afresh to be thinking on those kind of things about my "drafter" all day long...also, isn't it amazing how even the "trial" things can also make it onto our list of "smiles" age 3 (although for us it is age 2 1/2!)

Sarah said...

I hear ya!! Jake's will be 3 in June...he can be completely adorable and the next second a total monster! craziness :)